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An Irishmans DOUBLE IRONMAN (rather long) Race Report
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PostPosted: Tue Aug 18, 2009 7:02 pm    Post subject: An Irishmans DOUBLE IRONMAN (rather long) Race Report Reply with quote

Lichfield, Birmingham, England
01 and 02 August 2009

The Exam Paper
 Swim 4.8 Miles
 Cycle 224 Miles
 Run 52.4 Miles

“The real glory is being knocked to your knees and then coming back. That’s
real glory”...
Muhammad Ali


They say that the average man thinks about sex 90 times a day.
Well then, that partly explains why I never have a minute. In addition to the above, I have over the
past 12 months tried to keep a business afloat, enjoyed the company of my fantastic family and
friends and basically thought about little else but this race. I have been consumed by it. Thankfully
it turned out to be one of the greatest weekends of my life.
One important message I would like to express is that although people generally feel this is a very
daunting challenge ( so do I !) I really feel priviliged to have been fortunate enough to do it in the
first place. I am so lucky to have the health to do it. Their are thousands of people suffering from ill
health whether mental or physical for whom a far greater challenge would be to just walk across
the width of their bedroom. Let us never forget this.

Now read on..................

To start with, the thank you’s. It is very important that you the reader knows early on that this was a
TEAM effort.
There are 5 names in my mind etched in GOLD on my Double Ironman Medal.

o Dorothy Duffy (all round Wonderwoman)
o Enda Munnelly (The Ros Braun of our Team)
o Jarlath Mahon (The Colonel)
o KenWhitelaw ( Mr. Calm and great “run” knowledge to boot)
o Douglas Bates (Lazarus.. had not 1 but 2 surgical operations under FULL anaesthetic 2 days
before the race, left his hospital bed and got on the plane despite doctors literally trying to
restrain him)

It is very important to me that I pay tribute to you all. I was very fortunate that everything went
right for me on race day. This is in large part down to what each of you brought to the table.
Nutrition, change of attire, encouragement, counselling and reprimanding was EXACTLY what I
needed. The fact that I was able to run the entire 52 miles of the marathon is a testament to how you
guys had managed me for the preceding 19 hours and 45 minutes. This is not a regular .. “Oh I
better thank them”... I really really really really mean every word of this. I owe this feat to each of
you so thanks again guys. MAJOR GRATITUDE.

At one point during the race (end of Lap 7 on the bike) 4 of the above were either changing my
socks, helping me take off my jacket, holding a plate of food in front of me and counselling me to
booth (simultaneously) - what a great bunch. Thanks! Also I owe them for 2 new bike shoe covers,
2 extra tubes, one running jacket, 6 pairs of socks but Jarlath you ain't getting that lovely pair of
running shorts back. (Trust me you don't want them) Perhaps I had underestimated how much gear
to bring!!

In addition to helping me, they also adopted 2 other athletes one of whom had no support crew and
also ferried some much needed refreshments out to Marshall Brian at the farthermost point of the

A few more thank-you’s

Steve and Eddie (Race Organisers)

Am almost lost for words. I had read from 2008 reports how good these guys were, but nothing
really prepares you for it. They were great.
For whatever reason, I saw a lot more of Steve but that is not to say that Eddie was any less
fantastic. I am in awe of what you chaps have achieved yourselves (ever heard of the “Enduroman Arch 2 Arc”?
Maybe someday!!). Steve I want to pay a special tribute to you. You are amazing. I lost count of the
number of times you came up to me to offer encouragement, advice etc. Also the sight of you
singing “Gerry, Gerry, Gerry” to the tune of the Jerry Springer Show, at the run woods turnaround
point will live long in my memory, thanks mate. You are indeed a LEGEND. Stick to the endurance
events though, you can't sing for s***!!!

Marshals, Stewards and Supporters

You make events such as this what they are. Many many thanks. Imagine giving up your whole
weekend to help complete strangers fulfill their dream.

To the brilliant marshalls out on the course including the slackos, doubles or quits, endurance UKanother legend for what he did for everyone, the marshals who never stopped cheering my name,
particularly 2 ladies in uniform at entrance to the “Devils Staircase”, to the chap who stood clapping
in the middle of nowhere on the bike course in a high-viz for hours on Saturday afternoon, to the
chap who stood for hours in a darkened village from approx 7pm to 11pm on Saturday evening
clapping every cyclist as we went by. If anyone reading this knows who he is please please pass on
my thanks. I would like to pay tribute to the Slackos in the Abba camper van who belted out the
tunes for hours and hours and even danced in unison to the music. These are lovely lovely people,
who gave us a huge cheer every time and who ALWAYS had a smile on their faces. Muchos

Finally to the supporters in the run transition who clapped and clapped and clapped all day
long. You guys were absolutely incredible and I salute you one and all.

Phone Callers/ Texters

I was astounded at the number of texts and phone calls that Dor and the guys received and relayed
to me during the race. They came from Mullingar, Multyfarnham and Mullameen,from Sligo, Cape
Cod and Tel Aviv. In addition, half the attendees of a wedding reception in Rye Brook, New York
were discussing my progress between their starter, main course and dessert. I cannot tell you what a
lift I got from those messages/calls. They meant so so much. To EVERYONE who cared to do so,

Also special mention to Aidan Daly for doing a major job on my bike a few days before the race
and to Nicky Mc Cabe for some great tips a few weeks prior. He is the only man I know that had
run 50 miles before I took on this challenge, so thanks Nick. Also special mention to Seamus
Bracken for his culinary talents which would help me thru the race and to Dougs super missus
Sharon for a banquet on our return to Mullingar..

OK to the event itself

We arrived into Birmingham airport just after lunchtime on Friday, hired a car and set off on our 20
minute commute to Lichfield. ..................2 hours later we arrived.
Checked into the hotel and headed over to Esporto Leisure Centre to register. Met up with Legends
one and two a.k.a. Steve and Eddie and then did a quick drive to find the Friars Grange Leisure
centre as we did not want to have to go searching on Saturday morning. Back to Esporto for the
race brief. This was a lot more detailed than I expected but in hindsight for an event of this
magnitude I should not have been surprised.
I did feel like I was among a very special group of people, people who I feel share an ambition to do
things far greater that most people give the human body credit for. They also looked incredibly fit,
fitter than me but I have seen that many times before and looks can indeed be deceiving.

Anyway I felt that Steve really settled a lot of nerves at this point, mine certainly. I must confess I
don't usually suffer from pre-race nerves but this was definitely different. I had consumed nothing
but this race in my mind for the past 12 months. I really really doubted my ability to finish even this
late on. I was very confident of the swim, and indeed of the bike despite the fact that my longest
bike had been 148 miles, but the run was definitely into the unknown. Like 52 miles - HELLO !!

Also a knee injury had caused havoc over the preceding 6 months with my run training and despite
doing loads of 6-10 mile runs in the previous 10 weeks, my only long runs consisted of a half
ironman simulation at Easter, one 13 miler, an 18 mile run on Easter Monday and a full marathon in
Ironman Austria 4 weeks before this race. Anyway, I was here nonetheless and I would tick the first
box at the very least by starting the race.

05:00 am
01 August 2009

Woke up still very apprehensive. Had a breakfast of All Bran (high fibre not an issue as I would
definitely need to use the bathroom during this one) kelkin muesli and 2 croissants. Felt quite full,
loaded up the wagon and headed down to the looney bin, sorry, leisure centre!
Arrived down to the Race HQ at 07:15 and put the bike into transition.

Met up with Eddie
(organiser) and headed into watch wave 1 which had started at 06:00.
As I entered the pool I felt a sense of calmness come over me. I
recall reading Claire Smith saying something similar from last year’s event and now I know why. I
had done plenty of training, I had ran a full IRONMAN race 4 weeks previous, I knew the first 2
legs would be fine and what the hell I would walk the entire 52 miles if I had to. I felt great at this
point. Something told me all would go well. There was a fantastic atmosphere poolside. They even
had music playing over the loudspeakers with a lovely beat which certainly helped to create a lovely
feeling of solidarity among the athletes, crews, marshals and supporters. I spotted Steve (organiser)
- he was poolside reassuring, encouraging and running errands for swimmers, helping them cool
down if they overheated in the wetsuits (which many of them did).

Now here’s the thing. I had decided many months before NOT to wear a wetsuit. The organisers had
discouraged us from wearing one and for goodness sake this was a c. 30/35 hour event for 90% of
the entrants. What difference would 15 minutes more make? Now that the race is finished I am even
happier that I didn't. I lost count of the number of times I saw someone having to be cooled down
with cold water being poured down the back of the wetsuits following dehydration.

SWIM 4.8 MILES (2 hours 46 mins, incl transition)

Course Description
304 lengths of a 25 metre pool (yes 304 !!!)

At 09:25 we were called to our swim lanes.
I felt very excited and not a bit nervous. I was now very very confident I would finish. Strange yes I
know but I also knew I would enjoy this day. I had thought about if for 12 months now and now
was the time to begin enjoying it. Met Drew (English chap) and Bob (from Tyrone) in my swim
lane. Drew expressed a desire to go first and Bob wanted to go last so that left me in the middle.
Didn't care really. After 4 laps it was obvious I was holding Bob up so I let him pass. Counted my
own laps in 40’s and stopped at the end of each 40 to have an energy drink and a drop of water.
With hindsight I probably did not need the water as I was never going to dehydrate because I had no
wetsuit. This was proven when after 120 lengths I had to exit and go to the bathroom for a quick
pitstop.Was gone for about 2 minutes and then resumed.
Bob exited in about 2 hours 10 mins and Drew was just 2 laps ahead of me at the end. I had
obviously miscounted somewhere along the way as I thought I had 4 more when I was told I had 2
to go. In summary I really really enjoyed the swim. It took me 2 hours 30 mins and 32 seconds,
bang on schedule and I had definitely taken it very handy which I thought then and certainly know
now, was very important.
My crew were poolside for most of the race. Jarlath arrived from Birmingham Airport about 20
mins after I started. Great to see him. He would prove to be invaluable over the next few days.
Into the changing rooms and sat down and relaxed with the male members of the crew, Jarlath,
Enda, Ken and Doug. They had prepared a ham and cheese sandwich, a tip I had read in an ‘08 race
report. Brilliant tip for me anyway as it was easily consumable and I had just done 2.5 hours
exercise after all so the body needed some fuel. Out and on the bike 2 hours 46 mins gone.

Bike 224 MILES (16 hours and 42 minutes incl transition and stops)
Course Description:
An out and back course of 7 miles in each direction, one gentle 500 metre hill helping on way out
and downwind with the reverse on the way back. This meant on average that most laps for me took
23/ 24 minutes out and 28/30 mins coming back.
Weather conditions:
First 3 laps spitting rain, next 3-4 laps torrential rain. Next 7 dryish but all in the dark and at some
point quite cold and with fog. As I finished lap 16 daylight appeared!!!

16 laps x 14 miles.WOW !

That, my friends, is a long long long way. It is the equivalent of cycling from Dublin to Buncranna
in North Donegal (yes 30 miles north of Letterkenny)
I settled in nicely and had a feeling that all would be ok. I had targeted an average time, excluding
breaks, of 15.8 to 16 mph per hour. This might seem quite slow. It wasn't. It was all I would be able
to manage given the swim before and the small matter of 52 miles to be run after!
Lap 1 was done in 48 mins. I knew this was too fast but I had plenty of time to get the pacing right.
Those in wave one were rather unfortunate as it had bucketed down while I was doing the swim. By
the time I had started cycling it had stopped but little did I know it would be back real soon. By lap
3 it had indeed come back. I had stopped after lap 1 to have a proper pasta meal and it went down
well. So far my race plan was working.
I had planned to come in again after lap 4 (and every 3 laps thereafter) and did so even coming into
the tent and sitting down on the first of these stops. By now it was bucketing down with rain and it
made the conditions quite tricky to negotiate. Indeed it got so bad that at 6pm we were ordered to
put on high viz’ jackets and lights as it had darkened considerably. I was however, enjoying it very
much despite the conditions. The enormity of the challenge had not enveloped me yet at least.
Enda had prepared the lightening requirements with military precision. It was a great comfort to me
to know that he was in charge of this.

Had a good quiet laugh also to myself early on. Doug had given me a serious ticking off after lap 3
for consistently being 2/3 mins ahead of schedule. After this scolding, I was genuinly in fear of
returning under less than 52 mins from the next lap. As I turned the last corner heading into the
transition after lap 4, I glanced at my watch, noticed in read 50 mins and thought, #@?#. he's gonna
kill me. I slowed to a snails pace for fear of another reprimand and hid just out of view at the
entrance just around the corner from Dougs visibility. It reminded me of my boarding school days
as I was entering a schoolyard after all. 52 mins 14 seconds, the clock read as I approached Doug,
the headmaster. PHEW ! No detention this lap anyway !!!

After lap 7 (98 miles) back in again for a baked potato and some beans. Just the job. I also stopped
for a quick rub down with Tim the Physio and this was a BRILLIANT thing to do. I stopped again 3
or 4 laps later as I felt my legs muscled starting to cramp. I got instant relief from this. It is
something I would highly recommend to anybody thinking of undertaking such a challenge. In all I
had 5 Physio stops including one before the swim start.

A strange thing happened as I was returning to transition on lap 10 or 11 around midnight or
thereabouts. (memory bit hazy) I was passing a cyclist in the opposite direction when I saw 2
youths literally spray him with a very powerful jet power washer. This was not some form of
courteous assistance to cool the athlete from a searing hot sun like one might normally expect in a
race. Rather it was 2 bloody hooligans up to dangerous mischief. The cyclist quite rightly yelled a
number of expletives in their direction. I later heard that the same hooligans had actually knoocked
the “Reverend Graham” (a fellow athlete) to the ground and kicked him heavily whilst he was
prostrate. Being the champion that he is, he literally shrugged it off and continued, eventually
finishing the race regardless. By the time I finished the next lap we got word that said hooligans had
been given a nice warm bed in the local police station.

Lap 10,11 and 12 were ticked off. (168 miles) By now it was after one in the morning. I had earlier
changed my attire for a second time and had put on plenty of lights. By this stage the busy open
roads had quietened considerably. The only sign of life came from 2 sources; the not so busy pubs
in the small hamlet villages which we passed through on a regular basis and the sight of double
headlights from my fellow cyclists. Indeed the lights took on a strange appearance as most
including me had a light emanating from their helmets and one down at the front of the bike. It
really was quite surreal. It was the dead of night, the temperature had dropped considerably but I
was still in a great place mentally. That was however about to change.

Lap 13 !!!

I don't know quite what happened here. Perhaps it was because I had been cycling for over 12 hours
at this point. I calculated at the beginning of this lap that I still had 56 miles to go, the equivalent of
cycling from Mullingar to Dublin and then out to Dun Laoghaire and it was 2am for goodness sake.
What the f&*% ! It hit me real hard. Not only that but then all I had to look forward when I would
eventually finish was a 52 mile run !
I was really low at this time. I got off the bike at the end of this lap a wreck. Dor, my fantastic sister,
was there to greet me. I threw the bike at her (sorry sis) and collapsed on the bench. I felt exhausted
both physically and, more demoralising, mentally. I was in the basement. My stomach also decided
to make itself known to my brain too. It was not a pretty picture. Dor did her best but being closest
to me of all my team I possibly took my mood out on her. If I did Dor, I am sorry. You know I didn't
mean it.
At that time Pink Sally (another crew member), the other half of the “Reverend Graham”(an
Endurance legend), came over to me and gave me such a positive word of encouragement that it
really hit home to me. She told me that in something of this magnitude you would not be human if
you did not have a major downer, that it would pass, that this was the most common time of the
day/night for it to happen (2am ish) and that when sunlight came at around 5am I would definitely
get a boost and to just hang in there. Her words really hit me like a ton of bricks.
I got up immediately, had my first drink of Red Bull (I had deliberately held it back for a time such
as this) and I could immediately feel my mood, form, physical and mental state change. Indeed my
crew came out to visit me on the bike course about 9 miles later and I can recall singing James
Browns “I feel good” to them. Thanks again to them and to PS.

Lap 14, 15 and 16 came and so did the fog. The temperature dropped considerably too. It was now
between 3am and 5am so I guess that was to be expected. I did however manage to keep warm, not
sure how, as I later heard the race favourite had to pull out due to hypothermia. Thankfully I
escaped such a punishment, thanks largely to my brilliant team who managed me with military

On the last lap (yahoo!!!), I stopped off to thank the marshals. This was something I really felt
privileged to do. Those guys are heroes to me. They had given up their entire weekend. One guy
marshalled at the furthest point for 9 straight hours and then came back to take over on the run
course. (Thanks know who you are). Huge thanks to those guys. Off the bike and had a
full change of gear into the run clothes. Headed back in for another Physio rub down. I put this as a
must to potentially have a relatively pain free race. Tim (our Physio) was great. Lovely chap too.
Total transition time at this point was about 20-25 minutes.

RUN 52.4 MILES (9 hours 12 mins incl transition)

Course Description:
A 42 lap circuit with each lap measured 1.24 miles. It started out in a school playground,
meandered out onto a main road before a short 80 metre climb, then 9 steep steps (The Devils
Staircase) into “Blair Witch Woods” a run in the woods for about 0.5 miles then back to the road/
grass/ footpath/grassy knolls and back to the playground to start all over again.
Weather Conditions
Perfect: Started at 0530 approx as the sun was coming up. Beautiful sunny morning with a slight
cooling breeze.

Met up with Steve (organiser) and got the run brief. “Just go over that mat there Gerry and run for
52 miles and I will see you when you’re finished!”
he said laughing his backside off!! But he was
actually serious.
It was a 42 lap circuit so we actually kept coming back to the same point. This might sound strange
but I was deeply grateful as it meant you got a positive bit of energy from the organisers, the DJ,
your support crew and the spectators at 11 – 15 min intervals. It also meant it was easy for the crew
to keep an eye on my food/drinks intake.

Now here is the amazing thing. Apart from a serious food craving for a sandwich after a few laps I
felt fantastic. I really did. How on earth I hear you ask? I can only put it down to the following;
 Support crew who minded me, fed me incredibly well
 Pace Pace Pace for the preceding 19 and a half hours
 Stopping for Physio massages
 Training of the body and more importantly at this stage of the event THE MIND.

I really felt brilliant and was very confident of at least getting to the end of the first marathon
without the possibility of having to walk.
First lap was done in about 11 mins. At the end of it I got a hunger craving for a sandwich. Spotted
Ken in transition and yelled at him my urgent need for same. He ran off in the direction of the tent. I
had a decision to make. Stop and rest or do another lap and meet him on my return. I decided to
keep going. 11 or 12 mins later I was back and gratefully accepted his feast. It went down a treat
and I ate it slowly over the next 2 laps.

At this point I started to get a great feeling that all would be fine. Lap 3, 4, 5 ,6 ,7 ,8, 9 and 10 went
great bringing me past the first 13 miles. I was stopping just for about 5 secs a lap to grab a
mouthful of water or Red Bull, a few jelly beans and/or ¼ snickers, etc. courtesy of “Crutches
Bates” and 2 hours 54 minutes marathoner Ken. This combination seemed to be working a treat.
miles came and went and Ken started to run a few laps with me. Amazingly the first marathon flew
by. Ken informed me that my first marahton was 4 hours 34 minutes. It had felt faster but who was I
to argue. Not that I wasn't happy with that. I had been on the go for nearly 25 hours at this stage so I
could hardly complain. Its just I felt so strong and had ran steadily throughout. My own watch
showed a time of 4 hours and 8 minutes but I had presumed I had made a mistake. (More anon !)

At this point I felt great, really great but I was still certain that at some point I would hit the wall.
The prospect of this did not scare me at all. If it happened, the walk would probably be a welcome
relief and so I felt I had nothing to lose by gambling to continue to run. Ken did 6 or 7 laps with me
and he was great at going ahead to prepare drinks/food as we entered the transition area/playground
or running to see how many laps remained.

By now Dor, Jarlath and Enda had returned from a brief snooze. Dor then joined me for a few laps
and I laughed because when I asked her to run with me she daren't say no despite the fact that she
was wearing a pair of trousers. I really enjoyed her being there. Later Jarlath and Enda came out
too. Jarlath was great as he balanced his running with carrying a camcorder to film my activities.
Enda needed a mountain bike to keep up!! He never could run for nuts!!!

By now pain was emanating from my pores. I hope Enda and Jarlath did not think me rude but I
was unable to speak at this point. Enda being an IM VETERAN CREW member would have know
this consistency in me so late on so I didn't have to worry about telling him.

Lap 37 came and went. Now I had just 5 remaining (miles 48-52 !!!) Now the body was really
starting to creak but I knew now I was nearly there. By this point (as I always do) I started to work
out roughly what time I would do. Bad idea. I worked out that if I kept running and didn't walk at
all I would almost certainly break 29 hours, way ahead of expectations.

I say bad idea because I then became consumed by wanting to break the 29 hour barrier, yet I hardly
needed this pressure. Jarlath ran 3 straight laps with me. I couldn't speak but he knew that was no
slight on him. What a guy. I refused to contemplate stopping for the last 5 laps as I knew it might hinder me breaking my new
found goal and I was certainly willing to gamble at this point.

Finally I came to the last lap.

I thought this one would be easy but it was definitely the hardest of
the whole lot. With the pain I was now in, it was a case of so near but yet so far. That might sound
strange but I read in TC's (fellow competitor) race report that he felt the same way. A word of note
too, we had to do this lap in reverse to the previous 41.
That was fine until I got to the “The Devils Staircase” in reverse. If I thought going up them 41
times had been hard, going down just once, was excruciating. It was like breaking up with your
childhood sweetheart, the one you were convinced you were going to marry. It really really hurt.
My body was very very sore and each downward stretch was like Shylock literally extracting his
pound of flesh from each of my calves and quads..
Got down though thankfully.

Into the transition area/playground for the final time - Steve was announcing my imminent arrival
over the speakers and I received huge cheers from the most wonderful supporters in the world.
High-fived and applauded as many as I could. I was so grateful to them (particularly a complete
stranger in a black t-shirt at the entrance who had shouted my name 84 times (in and out) for 9 solid
hours. I am in awe of you mate, thank you.
I had 50 metres to go and I could see all TEAM Duffy waiting for me at the finish line. I don't tend
to get emotional at these times (regular races I mean) and this was no different but yes I was
majorly relived. Over the line I embraced first Steve (Enduroman 4) and then my wonderful CREW.

My official finishing time was 28 hours and 41 minutes placing me in 14th place out of the 54
starters. I was over the moon as my one and only objective in starting was to finish.
Later I found out my run time was 9 hours and 12 minutes. This was something I will hold dear to
me as great an achievement as finishing this race itself. My first love in this sport is running, so
hence my satisfaction. If someone had told me I would run the entire 52 miles I would have said
they were mad.

My official run splits showed 4 hours 34 mins and 4 hours 38 minutes. However on further
examination (ok so I am being pedantic) the first marathon included a 25 minute transition from
bike to run so to be completely accuracte (!!) my first marathon was actually 4 hours and 8
minutes, which to be totally accurate means I actually broke the 9 hour barrier for the 52.4 mile run.
(ok so I am clutching at straws a little... )

As a prelude, my 2 swim lane partners enjoyed mixed fortunes. Bob who exited well ahead of me in
the swim herocially finished in just over 33 hours despite enduring a very very hard time on the
bike. Drew sadly did not finish the race. My heart goes out to him and I wish him well should he
decide to challenge this distance again.

Within a few seconds of finishing I was panned out onto the ground, feet up in the air to stave off an
inevitable sickness which I always seem to get after IM distance races. Stayed there for about 5
minutes then went back to Tim for one last bout of Physio.
By the way a major word of thanks to TIM PEPPER (Race Physio) - Top Top Man. He is heading to
Queensland to compete in the age group Triathlon World Championships in Sept. Best wishes for
that Tim.
After the Physio I felt really good. Went over and thanked Steve and Eddie for giving us such a
wonderful experience and then we headed back to the hotel. Got 30 mins kip, quick trip to the WC
to try unsuccessfully to get sick followed by 3 more hours of kip.
Woke up at 8pm and joined the rest of the crew for a bite to eat in a restaurant across from the hotel,
then up again at 5am for our O'LearyAir flight back to Dublin.

All-in-all a fantastic weekend

In summary for any would be Double IronmanWannabees the following would be my top 11 tips
(not that you asked for them).


1. If your a man, only think about sex 80 times a day. It will give you more time to train!
2. Get a great race crew together
3. Choose above carefully as they MUST know what the race involves and what demands it
will be putting on your mind and your body
4. Make sure one of your race crew knows a lot about bikes and lights. (Thanks Enda)
5. Nutrition, Nutrition, Nutrition ( I stuck with proper food all day-night-day long)
6. PACE, PACE, PACE (unbelievably important)
7. Great Lights for night time are vital
8. Have the race pre-planned to include your speeds, anticipated breaks, nutrition requirements
etc. all worked out beforehand (be prepared to chop and change though. I had anticipated 8
stops in the run and took 5 seconds for quick drink etc each lap)
9. Stop for physio at regular intervals (I had 5 in all...4 during the race itself)
10. Bring 3 times as much gear as you will think you need
11. Make sure Pink Sally is registered as part of someone’s race crew!

Pre Race
2 large bowls of All Bran and Kelkin Muesli
2 croissants
cup of tea
1 banana
2 Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain Bars

During Race
2 bowls of pre cooked pasta with chicken and tomato sauce
2 baked potatoes and beans
2 x Ham and Cheese Sandwiches
1 x Chicken Sandwich
6 Snickers bars
3 Mars bars
6-8 Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain Bars
5/6 bananas
2 Packets of Jelly Babies
3 slices of Pizza
c. 8 x 700 ml High Five (mixture of flavours)
c. 8 x 700 ml water
c. 6 cans of Red Bull
c. 12 sachets of Dioralyte (salt replacement)

Moral of the story

“If you believe you can or you can't , your right ! (Henry Ford)
Gerry Duffy (Race Athlete No. 29)

05 August 2009

P.S. Dor, Enda, Ken, Doug and Jarlath...Thanks again !
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Excellent report - glad I was part of your experience Smile
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Cracking report Cool
Swim smart, Bike strong, Run tough
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PostPosted: Tue Aug 18, 2009 8:15 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Wow! An epic report, and a most worthy read. Thank you.

ONER moment of madness... - 78 miles, 24 hours, 2 feet
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Big Ted

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 18, 2009 8:30 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

great report and an incredible achievement.

Some really useful pointers in there too...thanks
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PostPosted: Tue Aug 18, 2009 8:51 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

sub 9hrs of no-stop running was an awesome way to end your epic race. your report will be inspirational to others thinking of having a crack. well done Double IronMan Duffy. Cool Cool

nb. make sure you link this from the main thread too so peeps can pick up on it easy in the future.
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PostPosted: Wed Aug 19, 2009 6:04 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

fantastic report, really informative
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PostPosted: Wed Aug 19, 2009 8:32 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Appreciate the comments chaps.

Have to say it was fantastic to be a part of something this special. Something I will always remember...

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 19, 2009 11:12 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Gerry - few things.

1. Congratulations on a great race and a great report!
2. Thanks for the mentions.
3. Your sister is lovely Very Happy
If you're considering a coach....

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 20, 2009 8:17 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Excellent report Gerry and some great tips for next year!

Thanks for the mention!

Slacko (aka Bjorn) Very Happy
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PostPosted: Thu Aug 20, 2009 8:26 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Excellent report , well done Cool
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Mrs Slacko

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 20, 2009 11:45 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

oooh! I really enjoyed that! Great account/tips etc., I'm doing it just to get 5 massages next year Very Happy Very Happy Fantastic result, that run - well - Worship you just kept on going!! So, what's next then? Very Happy
I smile a lot!
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PostPosted: Thu Aug 20, 2009 12:05 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Mrs Slacko wrote:
oooh! I really enjoyed that! Great account/tips etc., I'm doing it just to get 5 massages next year Very Happy Very Happy Fantastic result, that run - well - Worship you just kept on going!! So, what's next then? Very Happy

Tks for good wishes.

Am planning 2010 as we speak. Another challenge awaits back home but 2011 back with you guys!!! (Triple methinks...)

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 20, 2009 12:31 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

excellent race report and well done!! to a new triathlete contemplating 70.3 distance races that really was an unbelievably motivating read and an almost mind numbing display of endurance. never know...maybe in a few years someone like me will have the fortune to be able to do what you have just done.

Thankyou for posting and well done again

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 20, 2009 1:52 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

nwood60 wrote:
excellent race report and well done!! to a new triathlete contemplating 70.3 distance races that really was an unbelievably motivating read and an almost mind numbing display of endurance. never know...maybe in a few years someone like me will have the fortune to be able to do what you have just done.

Thankyou for posting and well done again


Cheers Nick

Welcome to the club.

As someone who started out doing a swim leg of a sprint distance triathlon just 7 or 8 years ago I now know that the human body can do so much more than we give it credit for. I intend on spending the rest of my life proving this to those who don't believe.

Best Wishes for your race !

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