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How to Fit Tubs

Using ‘Tufo Extreme’ tape

(Thanks AndyS)

1. Put the tub on the wheel and pump it up to full pressure, leave it over night to stretch.
2. Let it down and take the tyre off.
3. Make sure the wheel rim is clean and free from any sort of dust. Stick the tub tape to the rim, leaving the backing tape in place. Firmly apply pressure to make sure it’s properly stuck down. You can leave the valve hole clear of tape.
4. With the backing tape still in place, put the tyre on and put in a very small amount of pressure just so it takes shape.
5. Wedge a pencil between the rim and tub, make sure there isn’t to much pressure in the tyre to make it difficult (let some out if there is).
6. In the gap created by the pencil, pull the backing tape off the tub tape and move the pencil around the rim taking all the backing tape off. Make sure you’re letting the tyre fall in the middle of the rim.
7. Once all the backing tape is off pump the tyre up to full pressure and put the wheel back on the bike.
8. Ride the bike up the road, no more than a few hundred metres and don’t put any pressure through the typre (so no hard breaking or cornering).
9. Leave the tub pumped up over night. That’s it. Job done.
10. A couple of days later, take that tyre off with the tape stuck to the tyre and put a new one on in exactly the same way. Use the first tyre as your spare.

If you puncture in a race, just bung the tyre on (complete with tape) any old how and pump it up and go for it. Don’t worry about it - it’s a race.

Using Glue

(Thanks Planet-X)

1. Rough up surface rim .
2. Apply 1 layer glue ; leave to dry tacky .
3. Apply 2nd layer glue ; leaver to go dry tacky (optional)
4. Put on rim tape , one side to rim
5. Remove outer layer rim tape , wipe with a wet cloth so rim tape wet and tyre doesnt stick and can be centred
6. Put on tyre
7. Inflate tyre
8. Centre tyre
9. Leave



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