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League Racing: it is free to register but come events have a small charge for administration and prizes.

Netathlon online racing: requirement to buy courses.

Route archive

Route Archive: almost every possible route is available here to download for free, you must register to upload rides but you can select any course and select pacers for your own head to head race

How do I load a downloaded Ride File into iMagic or Fortius

The iMagic and Fortius software from Tacx both include a tool called Analyzer.  This tool is the best and safest way to ensure ride files are located in the correct place for the software to recognise and make them available to select as Courses or Opponents.  To import a ride file into iMagic or Fortius follow these steps.
* Download the required ride file and save it a folder on your computer (e.g. C:IMDownloads)
* Launch iMagic or Fortius
* From the initial menu screen select Analyzer to launch the tool
* From the Analyzer menu bar select File, Import
* Using the tree view on the right side of the Import tool, locate the folder containing the downloaded ride files.  Valid files in the folder will be listed in the table of the Import tool.
* Select the file to be imported from the table (use Ctrl or Shift to select multiple files)
* Click on the Save button above the tree view in the Import tool
* It may appear that nothing has happened, but the selected files will have been copied to the correct location/s
* Close Analyzer to return to iMagic or Fortius
* Verify the Course has been imported by browsing the list of Terrains/Courses to locate and select it.
* Verify at least one Ride for the Course has been imported by browsing the list of Opponents available when the Course is selected.
* If using Fortius, the Analyser will put any file into the right place. If using IMAGIC Green Analyser, it will not recognise the fortius terrain files.

You can download courses from:

Support Forum

Tacx Forum: Taunting, advice, comments, problems solved, no registration needed

Where to buy

Sales:   For purchase of Real Life Video and Software upgrades


Types of Trainer

Tacx Flow

Cycleforce base trainer and Orange digital interface that measures power, speed, cadence and heart rate. Power or slope variable resistance

Tacx Basic

Cylceforce base trainer and white interface that measures speed, heart rate, cadence. Variable Resistance

Tacx Grand Excel

Cycleforce base Trainer and digital interface display that cam be programmed for power or slope based training

Tacx Imagic

Cycleforce base trainer and green interface that plugs into PC via USB cable to be able to race in virtual reality

Tacx Fortius

Fortius base trainer and motorbrake attachment that allows strong resistance when simulated uphill riding and assisted downhill riding.

Basic and Grand Excel are all upgradable to Imagic.

Types of Software

Imagic GREEN: Consists of 3 Terrians; capricorn, sipscape and cycledream. Allows downloadable racing and a variety of courses as well as the ability to make new courses if the steerer is used.

Catalyst GREEN: Graphical program that allows you to make up your own resistance settings for interval training or ramp type tests. You can also download data from a polar HRM to replicate the distance and gradient of any rides stored on the watch.

Analyser: The software that shows the graph of your ride and shows speed, power, cadence and Heart Rate.

Imagic Blue (Fortius): Consists of Atlantis, Callisto, Olympus and Velodrome. Much more advanced graphics and allows drafting behind a pacer rider.

Catalyst Blue: Same as Green but attached to Fortius Software

RLV: Real Life Video; DVDs created from famous routes around the world and the video accompanies a CATALYST program that varies the resistance on the ride. These can be played either full screen, inset or graph only.

Both Fortius BLUE and Imagic GREEN can be used on the Cycleforce Trainer, both run as separate programs on the PC.

Only Fortius Imagic BLUE can be used on the New Fortius motorbrake trainer.

Both have analyser and the ability to play RLV

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