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Revision from: 16:21, 16 Nov 2008

Table of Contents

Welcome to TriTalk Wiki Version 2. Everyone can edit this.

What is a Wiki

According to [ Wikipedia]: A wiki is a type of website that allows users to easily add and edit content and is especially suited for collaborative writing. It’s use on this site is to create articles about frequently asked questions in the forum i.e. tubs v clinchers, flying with bikes, Ironman Pacing or anything that you like! Follow this to see a list of all the page’s people have already created >> Special:Allpages

There are some very simple ways to wrote in this wiki 

This wiki is based on the software used to run Wikipedia and works in exactly the same way. To edit pages you need to log in using your forum username and password. In doing so it credits any changes made to you.

In order to edit pages correctly you need to follow certain wiki guidelines - a basic editing sheet can be found here Cheatsheet

Creating a new page

To create a new page after searching for an article and it doesn’t exists simply either enter the name of the article you wish to create into the start new page box on the left hand column or create a new page by using the wiki syntax of

New Page

which will create a new page called ‘New Page’ and by following the link to it you may edit it.

So far the following categories exists in the Wiki: Category Listings

You can create your own or add an existing article to a category simply by using the following

Category:Training Category:Home

will place the article in the category Training. It does not matter if the category exists yet as a new one will be created if it does not.

[h1] TT Turn Outs[/h1]
TT Time Trials

TT turn-outs


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